Who is Bilal Dönmez?

He was born in 10 September 1948 in Eskisehir. After his school life sculpture takes his attention but his interest took him to meerschaum and then he decided to learn this handcraft.

He was only eighteen when he decide this. In 1966 he has decided to go to Sepetçi Ocağı and Kemikçi Ocağı which is 20 miles from the southeast of Eskisehir cause he thought that the first step is removing this special stones from its own place.

He has made some various shapes with these meerschaums at his home for a while and in the meantime he started to work rank formerly. His first target was learning this job. Now he is still protecting and keeping his first done pipes.

In 1975 he has married and has 3 kids from his marriage. In 1987 he decided to settle in Istanbul. And then he opened his store at Arasta Bazaar in Sultanahmet. He started to serve his pipes for sale professionally. He entered in tourism sector in this way. One of his child, Bulent Donmez started to work with his father to learn and keep on this handcraft.

Today he is still doing his meerschaums professionally and serving them in his store for sale with his son.

He is in this job for 51 years, keeping up his place with his quality and difference for 30 years in Istanbul's Arasta Bazaar.